Day 2 in Brisbane

Had a great day on campus yesterday with Cassio, a ‘Class 5’ Fellow from Brazil. We rambled all over the campus and had a ball. I met a couple of professors and several Fellows, then went to a class last night, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I took two pages of fairly dense notes even though I’m not in the class.  ;-)Here 20 pictures from the day and the evening before.  

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3 Comments on “Day 2 in Brisbane”

  1. Robin D. Says:

    David — love your photographs. Thanks for sharing.

    I am excited for you for in your new endeavor. My 12 year old daughter will be participating in a peace program where kids from Jeruselum (both Jews and Muslims) gather with American kids at a summer camp to get to know each other and their cultures.

    Enjoying the blog!

  2. Naomi Says:


    Welcome to Brissie!

    (see, placenames often get shortened and an ‘ie’ stuck on the end, people’s names often get shortened (duh, we shorten everything) and an ‘a’ stuck on the end instead. It’s the start of a rather complex language of our own)

    The course sounds intriguing! I hope you enjoy your stay – I’ve subscribed so I don’t miss out on updates.

  3. joycets684 Says:

    Loved all the photos—especially that gargoyle of Marty Feldman’s Face!


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