Somewhat Less Impressive Travel Karma

The trip home today involves four flights, the second of which is the thirteen hour jump from Sydney to LA. After my great luck with the three empty seats on the way over, I paid my dues in the dreaded ‘middle seat’ on the way back, with a huge man in the seat in front of me who managed to make his seat recline about twice as far as is usually possible.

Still, I had good neighbors on either side. And I couldn’t help but think of the Iraqi taxi driver I met in Brisbane a few days ago. He immigrated to Australia on a boat with 230 people on it and not enough food and water. It took six weeks. 

All things considered, not a bad flight.

The cool factor was also increased by the fact that I hung out with Guy Davis in the boarding area. He showed me his banjo and played a few tunes, and I showed him my trick with the credit card in the strings.  Watch for it on his next record. 😉  Mike Compton, the mandolin player from the Nashville Bluegrass Band, was hanging out too, then the singer and fiddle player from the Duhks walked up. Note to self: cool musicians hang out at the Sydney airport.

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