Lil Abner

I’m home for a couple of days and enjoying it while it lasts.  Last night Deanna and I went to see my nephew, Nate, in a high school production of Lil Abner.  Nate played the part of a pumped up hunk that had been transformed from a scrawny kid by a potent herbal potion.  The incredible part of that for me was that someone in MY family was in that play and playing the part of the BUFF guy, not the scrawny one!

Since I just got a new camera, I took a ton of pictures.  Nate came to the decision this morning that he’ll be heading to Chapel Hill next year, where I think he’ll take the campus by storm.  


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2 Comments on “Lil Abner”

  1. Robin D. Says:

    David — I got a Nikon D40 last year and I love it — though I have to admit I still haven’t learned how to work all the buttons. Enjoy!

  2. Andy D. Says:

    Ahh! FINALLY, someone else who knows that Li’l Abner even exists, much less has seen it!! So appropriate that it would be you, D! I produced that musical on the same stage where you played at my high school (McCallie) in Chattanooga, TN. I have to say that one of my favorite words from that musical is “mass-spectrographic isotopic double-diathermal diaphonoscope.” Say it fast, I dare you. Put it in a song and come up with a “creative” rhyme for it.

    It was really good to see you last night! I hope to see you again before you pack up and leave the hemispheres!

    Thank you for remembering!

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