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I’ll be interviewed live about the push poll call (see below) tomorrow (Tuesday) morning on XM Digital Radio’s POTUS 08 (channel 130) at 7:30AM Eastern (I could use even *more* parentheses if you’re not getting enough…).  Those of you who fit both of the criteria of being plugged into digital radio and being up at 7:30AM can check in.

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4 Comments on “national radio”

  1. PeterAtLarge Says:

    Thanks for shedding new light on the Clinton tactics. I had not previously heard or fully understood the purposes of push-polling, and you make it very clear. An insidious way to get the “message” through. I trust that interview will be heard by many, and promulgated widely.

  2. Sandra K Says:

    Meh. I dont suppose itll be available online afterwards? Then I might be able to get into my parents XM account. They have XM, I have Sirius.

  3. 2amsomewhere Says:

    Heard the interview segment on XM Radio this morning on my way to my park-and-ride spot for the bus. Very illuminating, and it certainly solidifies my decision not to vote for Clinton in the primary here in Indiana next week.


  4. Debra Says:

    Thanks for sharing this conversation with the rest of America. I don’t think the average person understands what push-polling actually entails. I think you handled yourself very well, too. Showing the respect and decency traits that most Senator Obama’s supporters share.

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