Two really funny vehicular scenes from my last twenty-four hours: 


Yesterday a Harley-Davidson pulled by my house and I glanced over at the biker riding a machine with all the auditory subtlety of a jack hammer on a freight train, only to do a double-take: he was talking on a cell phone. 

Can you hear me now?


I was turning left onto a busy road behind two oncoming cars – one of those split-second decisions that I got wrong:  Both of the cars in front of me stopped with an extra car length between them, so I found myself unable to pull forward, but out in the road already, with my car hanging out and blocking the lane beside me until the cars in front of me pulled forward.  Sure enough, a car came up in the blocked lane beside me and laid on the horn.  I was clearly in the wrong, and chagrined, but happily the blast from his horn made the cars in front of me pull up, I pulled forward and he was able to pass.  It was only then that I saw the car that had laid on the horn: Asheville City Police.  

Apparently he was on his way somewhere.  

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3 Comments on “Traffic”

  1. I have to chuckle a little about the reference to traffic in your area although I do remember getting stuck in traffic on the Interstate around the holidays when all the tourists were trying to get to the Biltmore.

  2. jeremy Says:

    Number two made my heart jump… Kind of like when I’m doing 80 on the freeway and I see a cop and go “oh shit oh shit oh shit”, until I blow past him and realize he’s reading a book.

  3. chuffinghog Says:

    As a Harley rider, I know that I could’t hear anything on a cellphone while my engine is running – and I also wonder how he could use a phone unless he wasn’t wearing a helmet. In any case , he qualifies as an idiot.


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