On the Road Again

Coppell, Texas

I left Asheville at 3:30 in the afternoon on the day before yesterday, and last night played a house concert near Dallas with my long-time friend Beth Wood. What a treat to see and hear her again.  She’s getting married this fall, and moving to Colorado, so you Coloradans keep an ear out for her.

Beth did me the honor of recording a song of mine for a CD that’s being put together by my friend Kenny Legendre in Germany of various musicians doing my songs.  Mostly they are Europeans, but a few Americans are going to be part of it as well.  Beth recorded a version of my song Stranger, from Corners, on piano, and it’s really lovely.  I got to hear it last night for the first time.  

Having someone record your song is metaphorically kind of like having someone marry your child, I guess.  It’s beautiful to see someone else put their heart and their spirit into your intimate creation.  It also helps you to see it in a new light.  I can listen to the song when Beth sings it in a way that I really can’t hear it if I’m listening to a recording of myself.  

I’ll let you know when the record comes out, of course.  It will be a European release, but I reckon we’ll get a few copies over here. 

Chris Rosser, by the way, is going to record my song Spirit, from Spin, and I can’t wait to hear that.  

I’ll be on the road for the next two and a half weeks, culminating with a set at the Kerrville Folk Festival.  It’s an honor to play there at all, of course, but I’m blown away that they gave me one of the top slots on the schedule.  The festival is eighteen days long, but the first weekend is the biggest, being Memorial Day and all. I’m playing on Friday night of that first weekend, at nine pm on the main stage. 

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3 Comments on “On the Road Again”

  1. SandieK Says:

    An entire album of David LaMotte covers? That sounds awesome. Do you know what else is going on it besides “Stranger” and “Spirit”? Really hope they send some this way.

  2. ‘Having someone record your song is metaphorically kind of like having someone marry your child, I guess’

    The way things are going, you will most likely find out for sure at some future date. I have had one of my songs recorded but none of my kids have married yet so I can’t say either.

    See you at the wedding. Sorry I’ll be missing Kerrvillel this year.

  3. I remember being alerted to ‘one of my pretty boys’, then seeing a fleeting moment of you and an Asheville friend, for the first time, crossing the entrance in front of a dusty car (me and Ronda B) at Little Kerrville, too many years ago to admit, a Texas moment that will long stay in my memory, but I am sure was a fleeting blink, but no matter, it was a beginning..I am very very proud of your Kerrville schedule this year
    they deserve you…

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