Yes We Cannes

My friend Stephanie Winters sent me this link as a P.S. to a note about some other stuff.  

She and Walter Parks were accompanying musical legend Richie Havens performing in Cannes at the Film Festival this year, apparently at an event honoring Sean Penn.

Stephanie is the cellist who plays all over my most recent record, Change, and Walter has played on some of my stuff over the years, too (notably, the wah-wah guitar on This Soul Man from my kids’ record, S.S. Bathtub).  

I love me some Richie Havens, and it’s fun to see Walter and Stephanie in all their uptown finery. Click on the link below to see the video of Richie singing the song he sang to open Woodstock.

Richie Havens – Ouverture du 61eme Festival de Cannes
Uploaded by RichieHavens
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  1. thanks very much for this

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