Back to Guate

I’m heading back down to Guatemala next month with Caroline Proctor, who is going to be the new director of PEG. I’ll post pictures from there.

The two cyclists who are raising money for the retaining wall and new school construction in Chacaya are doing very well. We tallied up some numbers the other day and found that they’re almost half-way to their fundraising goal of $20,000.  They’re raising that in support of a forty day unsupported cycling trip all the way across Canada.   Their web site is beautiful, and worth a few minutes of poking around on.

It’s so inspiring to me to see people doing things like this.  It’s a beautiful example of Buechner’s concept of vocation:  Where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep hunger.  These guys love to cycle, and in their first note to me they said that they couldn’t originally see the connection— how that passion could translate into service.  

I’d say they figured it out.

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2 Comments on “Back to Guate”

  1. rclpc Says:

    One of our youth has been inspired by you to work on a project of her own–she has successfully petitioned the session of our church to host a fundraiser for a local organization that helps families in trouble (transitional housing, addiction counseling, other counseling, etc). She said it was because of you that she wanted to put this together–she’s convinced 3 local bands to play for free, the “hip” radio station to sponsor, and the church to host. She’s printed flyers, done publicity, and organized volunteers. All because of your workshop. Good work! And thanks.

  2. Emily & Phil Says:

    I just got back from Guatemala. It was another amazing adventure in my life. Doing recaps on
    our blog if you are interested. Hope your trip goes well next month.

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