Serving Size

Yesterday I was hanging out at a friend’s place on the Medina river…

My friend Wendy Sue from California offered me a Teddy Graham cookie, but I declined because I couldn’t be sure I could finish a whole serving of… 47 cookies?!?!

I spent part of my time there working on a new song, too. I’ve been so busy with touring, Guatemala, remodeling the house and various other adventures this year that I haven’t been writing as much. It’s good to limber those muscles again. Hope to have something to share soon.

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4 Comments on “Serving Size”

  1. Susan Says:

    Hey, David ~

    It’s Susan Moss in South Florida – I’ve been enjoying your blog since you announced its inception…

    It’s lovely to hear how well things are going for you (Australia!), and I offer my sincere congratulations to you and Deanna on your upcoming parenthood – what a life adventure that will be (major understatement… 🙂

    Ah, Teddy Grahams (especially of the cinnamon variety) bring back such fond memories of my preschool teacher days – however, there’s no guilty pleasure like Fritos, right?

    I probably should have just composed an e-mail – take care and enjoy Kerrville (hopefully Brian has passed on my hug by now!).

  2. Love the river shot!
    Glad to hear about the songwriting. uh-huh uh-huh

  3. Completely off topic…… I am sure that you have thought about this but I am facinated by the fact that when you move to Austraila, you will be leaving winter and going straight into summer which will turn to fall and then to winter. You will miss a spring. Your baby will be a year old before he/she see spring. Boggles what little is left of my mind.

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