By popular demand…

The latest ultrasounds…

Cool, huh? And the new ultrasound technology is wild…

Don’t worry about the strange anomalies from the 4D ultrasound. They assure me that our little guy doesn’t really have ram’s horns or Princess Leia buns on his head. He does appear to be sucking his thumb, though. Wow.

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10 Comments on “By popular demand…”

  1. Petra Says:

    It IS a beautyful baby! And he looks as if he has got a good character. Education is not everything, you know. Can’t wait to see him real. Enjoy your silent nights until his birthday 😉 Bless you all, Petra

  2. Emily & Phil Says:

    Awesome! Way cooler than the sono pics we have of ours. Congrats.

  3. Denny Says:

    Beautiful! When’s the due date?

  4. lowerdryad Says:

    Due November 20. 😉

  5. man, those pics are getting gooooood

  6. Margaret Martin from Maxton Says:

    The new pictures are great! You refer to the baby as ‘he’ – is that a slip?

  7. lowerdryad Says:

    No slip – it’s a little boy! It’s funny, because we really thought it would be a girl. We’re perfectly happy, as we would have been with a girl, but we’re really surprised! Now working on boy names… 😉

  8. Terri K. Says:

    Congrats, congrats, congrats! I”m just now finding the blog, so I’m eagerly reading all 🙂 As always, your photography is so amazing, and makes me feel like I”m right there. (Ok, not this particular photograph, I meant the others… lol!)

  9. anon Says:


    can I suggest that it should be a 3 and not a 4?

    • lowerdryad Says:

      Ah yes – here it’s 3, but in the office it’s 4, with the additional dimension of time. You get to watch the little guy moving around in real time and, in some cases (though not ours), take home a video. Wild.

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