Quick and Easy Divorce

Deanna finally joined Facebook this week and is exploring it now. She just added me, not only as her friend, but as her spouse. The dialog box that popped up after she did so reads thus:

Relationship Status: Married
To: David LaMotte (awaiting confirmation)

Then there’s a button that says “Cancel Relationship”

I’d better run take the trash out. I’d hate for her to click that button.

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3 Comments on “Quick and Easy Divorce”

  1. Sandie K Says:

    You have facebook? Since when? Can I add you?
    Erm…also, which ones you? Theres four “David Lamotte”‘s on here. Im guessing its not the one in the France network?
    Pushing the button would be a bad thing. Good thing its not that easy đŸ˜‰

  2. You’re a step ahead of me, David – my wife is nowhere near taking the Facebook plunge. What I love is when husband and wife sign up and weeks later you get a message in your mini-feed: Dick and Jane are married. Nothing like cutting-edge news!

  3. RobMonroe Says:

    I had a friend accidently uncheck the “married” section, so she was getting emails and comments and calls wondering what was wrong with her marraige. All is well with her marraige, and has been.

    My wife will never join FB. She’s a teacher and it’s just not worth the hassle for her.

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