In Light of Current Events

Sadly, it seems that my poem White Flour refuses to be outdated. There is more sad news on the topic from Tennessee yesterday. People at shows have been asking where they can get a copy, so I’ve decided to add a permanent page with the text.  Feel free to distribute as you see fit.

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5 Comments on “In Light of Current Events”

  1. Yeah, I was thinking of your poem when I saw that news last night…. Thanks for the link.

  2. As an American who has been outside the country for 30 years and who lived during the hot days of the civil rights movement, let me offer some encouragement: while in a perfect world there shouldn’t even be the need to consider race or gender, America is very close to electing a non-caucasian as president. First time for everything (Germany has, also for the first time, a female chancellor and a lot of progress has been made), what counts is what’s delivered. “White Flour” is wonderful and unfortunately necessary, but at least I am happy to see that 1. the guys got caught before they could do anything significant 2. the reports outside of the US indicate that groups such as the KKK have never been as insignificant as they are today. To quote a dear friend, “We’ve got a lotta work to do”- let’s keep it positive and universal!

    Peace, Kenny

  3. positive, yes. But it would be tragic if we started acting like we were already there. It’s good to have the occasional reminder (such as we got this week) that we need to remain vigilant.

  4. Andy Says:

    I used it in a sermon after you shared it at the peace and justice coffeehouse…huge hit

  5. Ann Hartzog Hall Says:

    I am so encouraged about you and our “new generation” fathers and mothers who are opening so much HOPE to our older generation..You are positive thinking, advocating, and articulate in furthering our hunger for peace and justice in our entire world..God bless you and your family , and I do pray for an enlightened generation JUST LIKE YOU!!! Love and love..
    Annie Hall

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