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Words and Music

November 28, 2008

A couple of things have popped up from unexpected sources that I thought folks might like to be aware of. The ‘words’ part has to do with a couple of articles; one is in the Mountain Xpress, Asheville’s indie newspaper. It’s written by Jason Bugg, who called to interview me a couple of weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him and we had a great conversation, though he was candid about the fact that my music isn’t really up his alley— he’s more into punk rock. A Change Is Going to Come.

The second is in the Asheville Citizen-Times, by Carol Rifkin, a fine musician herself. It’s an interview format, : LaMotte Bids Farewell to Music, Mountains

And I got a note from my buddy Gray Brooks, who took me on a tour of the national Obama campaign headquarters. He was working at the time as campaign staff and I was in Chicago to do a couple of shows, so we caught up at a coffeehouse and then toured the offices. I gave the production people there a copy of the instrumental mixes of Change and permission to use them, and it turns out they did use one in a video. This Obama promotional video uses the instrumental version of Your Smile as the soundtrack.

Tomorrow is the last concert, so my heart is pretty full. I’ll look forward to seeing some of you there, and I’ll be grateful to the rest of you too. It’s been a good ride.


A quick post-election blog

November 10, 2008

… in between all the baby photos (more soon, you can be sure).

My sister Kathy, who is a first year law student at Cornell with a focus on working on our broken death penalty system, wrote a piece on her blog entitled “Now What? A Note to my Co-Liberals.” It’s a good read, whether you’re one of the aforementioned or not, and since I’m committed to an anti-gloating platform, I’ll just send folks there to read it.

On a personal note, I’m waking up in a hotel near Clemson this morning, having driven half-way back from my last road show in Atlanta last night. It was good fun, in spite of some fall allergy vocal issues I’m struggling with.

And now I’m going home. The next thing on my calendar that will require my being away from Deanna and Mason overnight is next June when I need to attend a conference in England. Wow. Seven months. So much to celebrate.

It’s a boy!

November 4, 2008
Da More Mason

I’m thrilled beyond the bounds of language to announce the birth of my son, Mason Bishop LaMotte.

He was born at 11:42 AM on Halloween (that’s what we get for calling him ‘Punkin’).  He was nearly three weeks early, but healthy and plenty big enough to be born at six pounds and ten ounces and 19 1/2 inches.

Thursday night Deanna and I were enjoying the first quiet night at home we had had together for ages, and I talked her into packing a bag for the hospital even though we still had three weeks until the due date.  We went to bed about 10:30 and left for the hospital a few hours later.

Deanna declined all medication and pushed on through the pain to welcome our little guy into the world. He had a bit of a bumpy landing with some transitional respiratory issues and spent his first two and a half hours in NICU, but everything cleared up and he’s been just fine since then.

The name Mason is a nod to my father, who likes to build things with rocks; steps, walls, gardens, benches, etc.  It’s also my nephew Nate’s middle name, and we like that connection as well. Finally, it refers to building, which ties into a talk I’ve been giving for years introducing my song Hope, which ends with the idea that the people who believe in building still far outnumber the people who believe in tearing down.

Bishop is my mother’s maiden name, and a connection to her whole side of the family, whose influence and gifts I treasure and celebrate.

When my mother was born her father was forty, as I am now.  He was so proud of her that he put a pillow in a laundry basket and rode her all over town showing her off to everyone who would take a look.

Mom showed up at the house yesterday with a woven reed laundry basket in which she had sewed a pillow, and which she had lined with fabric from her own 1955 wedding dress. It would be hard to overstate how moved I am by that gift to Mason and his parents.

Here are two slideshows of photos.  The first is basically day one, and the second days two and three.

Day One

Day Two