It’s a boy!

Da More Mason

I’m thrilled beyond the bounds of language to announce the birth of my son, Mason Bishop LaMotte.

He was born at 11:42 AM on Halloween (that’s what we get for calling him ‘Punkin’).  He was nearly three weeks early, but healthy and plenty big enough to be born at six pounds and ten ounces and 19 1/2 inches.

Thursday night Deanna and I were enjoying the first quiet night at home we had had together for ages, and I talked her into packing a bag for the hospital even though we still had three weeks until the due date.  We went to bed about 10:30 and left for the hospital a few hours later.

Deanna declined all medication and pushed on through the pain to welcome our little guy into the world. He had a bit of a bumpy landing with some transitional respiratory issues and spent his first two and a half hours in NICU, but everything cleared up and he’s been just fine since then.

The name Mason is a nod to my father, who likes to build things with rocks; steps, walls, gardens, benches, etc.  It’s also my nephew Nate’s middle name, and we like that connection as well. Finally, it refers to building, which ties into a talk I’ve been giving for years introducing my song Hope, which ends with the idea that the people who believe in building still far outnumber the people who believe in tearing down.

Bishop is my mother’s maiden name, and a connection to her whole side of the family, whose influence and gifts I treasure and celebrate.

When my mother was born her father was forty, as I am now.  He was so proud of her that he put a pillow in a laundry basket and rode her all over town showing her off to everyone who would take a look.

Mom showed up at the house yesterday with a woven reed laundry basket in which she had sewed a pillow, and which she had lined with fabric from her own 1955 wedding dress. It would be hard to overstate how moved I am by that gift to Mason and his parents.

Here are two slideshows of photos.  The first is basically day one, and the second days two and three.

Day One

Day Two

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32 Comments on “It’s a boy!”

  1. Denise Yarbrough Says:

    Congrats David! He’s beautiful! There’s nothing in the world like a child – truly life transforming. All best wishes and prayers to you and your family and may Mason live long and healthy!


  2. Congrats! And yeah, that’s a great picture. As one who’s been through this twice now, it’s pretty amazing. Take care and good luck getting sleep!

  3. teri Says:

    congrats again! those are some great photos, and that basket is gorgeous. I hope you get lots of use out of it around black mountain! And Deanna looks amazing!!

  4. Pat Willever Says:

    Thank you for sharing your very beautiful and personal early moments with Mason, and the incredible photos. Congratulations to both of you — and to the grandparents! – Pat

  5. benster Says:

    Congrats, guys! We’re so happy and proud for you – the pictures are great.

  6. Eric Bannan Says:

    Wow! I am in tears. Too beautiful for words.

    See you Friday?


  7. Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  8. David,
    As the Bard wrote:
    “O wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful wonderful, and yet again wonderful, and after that, out of all whooping!”
    (William Shakespeare, As You Like It)
    Mason immediately brings back the smells of our grandson, Cormac, born January 2007 while son and daughter-in-law lived with us. There is nothing more central to the living the good life than your childern (and grandchildren).
    Blessings for Mason and his loving parents!
    David L-V

  9. Congratulations! We now have 2 little boys, both with names strongly rooted with other family members names and they are so special! Have fun and make great memories with your new little boy!

    Paul and Emily Boling (formerly of springfield mo and now in ALASKA!)

  10. lisa lorenzin Says:

    awww… he’s so tiny in the basket! and absolutely beautiful. congratulations and much love to you all.

    – lisa & mike

  11. Congrats!!! He just decided to come in his own time didn’t he? Better early than late since you will be heading down under so soon.

  12. Sandie K Says:

    WEWT!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!! =D

  13. YIPPEE!!!! HOORAY!!!!! YOOHOO!!!!!

    Now the fun REALLY begins!!!! I am so happy for you!

    Love from your German family, Kenny & co.

  14. Emily & Phil Says:

    Congratulations again! Gorgeous photograph!

  15. Andrea, Jeff and Bella Says:

    Oh wonderful! And what a lovely one he is, too! So happy for all of you!
    Much love and lots of hugs from us!

  16. Cindy Pope Says:

    You take pictures that share a story beautifully. Having a baby is the most amazing and humbling experience. I should know, I did it four times. Thank you for sharing – you have a beautiful family. Wishing you many, many, many blessings.


  17. stephen taylor Says:

    congrats my friends. Wishing you continued joy and blessings

  18. Robin D. Says:

    Congratulations!! He’s a beautiful boy.

    And I think he came into the world in a time of renewal and hope. Blessings and joy!

  19. Jeremy Wilhelmi Says:

    Congrats, David! That’s just awesome. Glad Mason and Deanna are both healthy and doing well. Take care.

  20. My forever friend, Sarah Mahoney, forwarded this to me because I am “a sucker for babies”. Very true.
    Yours is no exception. He’s beautiful.

    You moved me to tears when you described your mother’s gift. Waaaahh!! What an incredibly special gift and sentiment. Sounds like a song to me.

  21. Amelia Says:

    OH MY! How amazing! Congratulations, David! Look at that little face!

  22. Mitch Says:

    This is living proof that there is true beauty in this world!! You will have no problem playing the role of the proud daddy!

    God bless your family!

  23. Bailey Jones Says:

    Great news, and congratulations!! Your life will never be the same… but that’s not a bad thing! (One day you’ll have to let psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. have a long sit-down with you, so they can determine if cramming SO MANY life-changing moments into such a small window is a good or bad thing!)

    I lost my Dad back in September, and in his last few days I realized something I probably already knew: of all the things he gave me, nothing was better than raising me right. I have no doubt that Mason is well on his way to receiving the very same gift. (And he gets to spend part of his childhood in Australia! Bonus!!)

    Congratulations again, and best of luck in everything.

  24. Belinda, Brianna and Jim Says:

    We are happy for you and Deanna. Enjoy the days together for they so fast. Welcome to the club – the parents’ club. God Bless and Walk in Beauty! Good luck in Australia. Brainna was ooeeing and ahhing at the baby. He is an angel. Let us hope he sleeps through the night.

  25. Barbara & Don Becker Says:

    We would like to send our congratulations to you guys. What great pictures and what a great name. We would like to wish you luck and God speed when you move to Australia. What a great gift your mother gave to you guys for Mason and what a great story.

    Take care,
    Barbara & Don

  26. Susan & Judy Says:

    Oh David and Deanna your son is just beautiful! He looks like such a gorgeous blend of the two of you! We are so looking forward to being at your last show. We were there in the early days of the old Grey Eagle and the Town Pump, it will be nice to see you one last time before you head off to get your ThD (Doctorate of Thinkology)!

    Susan & Judy
    (P.S. Say hi to your Mom from us)

  27. Margaret Says:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. (You made me cry.) What a beautiful baby boy, born into a beautiful and happy family. Great name, too! (I’d like to add that “Bishop” was also the name of the robot that saved the day in Alien 2 – another excellent connection!) I wish I could be there for your farewell concert. May God always bless you and yours, as you have blessed us all with your music and insights and humanity. I’ll look forward to future updates on this page, to see more pics of Mason and read tales of adventure. Godspeed.


  28. Beki Says:

    We are so happy for you 🙂
    Congratulations on your new adventures- having a baby is always an adventure and change is good and exciting too. Your life will never be the same-it will be a different kind of fun – you are both truly truly blessed. and Mason is blessed with having two wonderful parents and from the pictures I saw, loving family support for him as well.
    Ric and I congratulate you and your family and wish you a most exciting and fun new beginnning in Australia.
    Take care and keep sending those wonderful updates,
    Your friends in Tucson, Az.

  29. Mary Helen Henry Says:

    Mason is so beautiful! Love his name and the reasons for it. Although I’m partial to girls, boys are great, too!
    Every time we get in the car Maya asks me to play “David’s song”. I tease her by saying, “Do you mean Uncle David’s?” With exasparation she says, “No, David LaMotte’s!” She clearly remembers that last concert at Ferncliff. I’m grateful for that memory in her mind and spirit–mine as well.
    Look forward to keeping up with your work on your blog.
    Happy Thanksgiving. I’m sure this one will be special.
    Mary Helen Henry

  30. Bruce Mulkey Says:

    Belated congratulations, David and Deanna. The photos are really sweet and may have gotten Shonnie (age 36) thinking about motherhood too. My love to all of y’all.

  31. Nancy Pocklington Says:

    I remember those days. It’s easy to get shots of both parents sleeping with the child! Won’t be that way for long. It’s a wonderful ride. Enjoy! You will be missed in the music realm!!!! Many Blessings- Nancy

  32. Shilo Stainbrook Says:

    Hey David, Just a short note to you and yours to congratulate you on your little miracle! He is amazingly beautiful! Take care and relish every moment. CONGRATS!!!

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