Words and Music

A couple of things have popped up from unexpected sources that I thought folks might like to be aware of. The ‘words’ part has to do with a couple of articles; one is in the Mountain Xpress, Asheville’s indie newspaper. It’s written by Jason Bugg, who called to interview me a couple of weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him and we had a great conversation, though he was candid about the fact that my music isn’t really up his alley— he’s more into punk rock. A Change Is Going to Come.

The second is in the Asheville Citizen-Times, by Carol Rifkin, a fine musician herself. It’s an interview format, : LaMotte Bids Farewell to Music, Mountains

And I got a note from my buddy Gray Brooks, who took me on a tour of the national Obama campaign headquarters. He was working at the time as campaign staff and I was in Chicago to do a couple of shows, so we caught up at a coffeehouse and then toured the offices. I gave the production people there a copy of the instrumental mixes of Change and permission to use them, and it turns out they did use one in a video. This Obama promotional video uses the instrumental version of Your Smile as the soundtrack.

Tomorrow is the last concert, so my heart is pretty full. I’ll look forward to seeing some of you there, and I’ll be grateful to the rest of you too. It’s been a good ride.

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5 Comments on “Words and Music”

  1. I thought that guitar sounded familiar when I saw/heard this spot. Way to go!!

  2. feistync Says:

    i’m so sorry we missed your last concert. we’ll miss you but wish you well in your exciting new journey.

  3. Gray B. Says:

    Thank you for what you do.

  4. Jill T. Says:

    We thought about you Saturday night, and were sending cheers, applauds, and good vibes your way. Bittersweet ones for sure. I look forward to following you and the fam’ “down under” via your blog, and hope you plan to keep it up!

  5. Sorry I couldn’t be there, but I trust that it was a wonderful concert!

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