Class VII Fellows

I’m going to meet up with a few of the Fellows with whom I’ll be studying at the University of Queensland. Some have yet to arrive and some are here and looking for places to live (we’re lucky to have figured that out already).

It’s a fascinating looking group of people. Rotary has posted our pictures, nationalities, languages spoken, etc. here. This is all getting quite exciting!

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3 Comments on “Class VII Fellows”

  1. teri Says:

    so exciting! Thanks for sharing this journey with all of us so we can live vicariously a little. I look forward to hearing more about things you learn, experiences you have, and relationships you develop with these amazing fellows.

  2. kath Says:

    Wow! what an interesting-looking bunch of folks!

  3. Vicki Says:

    14 lbs at 3 months? Wow! No wonder he’s a “BUB” (Bubba?) love reading your radventures. Vicki and Buck

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