Mason at and approaching eight months

By popular demand, here are thirty recent Mason pictures. Click here for a slideshow, or on the photo below to peruse the album at your own pace.

Mason @ 8 months

Deanna and I celebrated our fifth anniversary yesterday— best move I ever made. It’s such a joy to see this little guy who is a result of it.

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3 Comments on “Mason at and approaching eight months”

  1. Eric Bannan Says:


    Hey there! Mason sure is cute!

    BTW: The gathering is about 10 days away.

    Will be missing you there.


  2. stephanie stephens Says:

    I cant believe that little angel is sooo big!!! Also congrats on your 5 year anniversay, too! We love and miss you all very much.
    Mike and Steph

  3. Joyce T. Snodgrass Says:

    David, these are lovely kid photos of a lovely kid. I managed to find your blog while googling myself, believe it or not.
    Now I can get back up to speed on your year, and maybe I’ll share what I’m doing a bit later on.

    You are a continued inspiration to all.

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