Are we allowed to call this crawling?

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8 Comments on “Are we allowed to call this crawling?”

  1. Dave, technically it’s the “commando crawl.” Our older one did this all the time; pretty much went straight from this to walking. What great times!

  2. Dennis Smith Says:

    sho nuff! bragging rights are always defined by parents and ratified by grandparents. it’s a law of nature. . .

  3. lisa Says:

    he got himself from point A to point B, with intent, using all four limbs. sounds like crawling to me! (and looks a lot like what i was doing in the particularly-low sections of cave passage on saturday. we call that crawling, too, when we’re moaning about our bruises afterwards… 🙂 )

    also… HOW ADORABLE!!! 🙂

  4. Sarah Says:

    yes, indeed – no turning back from here!

  5. Libby Stuart Says:

    Well, it works, whatever it is..but are you sure you haven’t got a budding swimmer there? Looks like a powerful Australian Crawl, going on!!

  6. Yep- it’s forward motion, definitely qualifies. And what a cutie!

  7. Andy Says:

    That’s crawling! Awesome, he is a cutie. And boy do they love cell phones. Katie is a nut for them.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    Yep! What Steve said…. commando crawling. Cadee never moved on her hands and knees (until she was walking) but got around by scooting and commando-style crawling. Of course, since I’m so long in seeing this from its post date, I realize that Mason is probably running laps now!! He’s a doll!

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