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Here are web sites about David LaMotte and his work.  If you’d like to be on David’s mailing list for emails every two or three months to update you on his adventures, you can do that here. To subscribe this blog, use a blog reader like bloglines.

Main music website: www.davidlamotte.com

David’s music on iTunes

David’s work in Guatemala: www.pegpartners.org

David on YouTube

David on Wikipedia


5 Comments on “David on the Web”

  1. Rob Overly Says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you at Riverside Presbyterian this past week. I am a big believer in the view that we are put on this earth to make a difference.
    Good luck with the new opportuntiy that God ahs given to you in the form of the Peace Scholarship and please keep me abreast on how you intend to capitalize on it.
    Between you and Jody Mcgill, I have been rethinking what the next turn in my life should be.

  2. Janak Sharma Says:

    Dear David,
    I am from Nepal and working on the field of human rights and peace bbuilding. I have got a chance to read about you and you created peace schoalrship so I am very happy and geatful with you. I am very interested to study in peace and human rights. I hope that you will provide me that oppertunity. Please, keep me your mailing list and provide the oppertunity of peace scholarship.
    Thank you.

  3. Barbara Gaw Says:

    Love to all 3 of you the photos surely help to keep us all connected.. How good it is to hear all your experiences.. Ben and family have moved in with us til new home is completed is now a family dr. here well in ASheville .. Apple Valley family clinic … It is so exciting to have sarah a 3 year old and Eliot a 19 month old here we all seem to get along fine .. Margaret loves to cook and I get to entertain the childen …a win win situation… more later will go to folly this week to see the other 2 grands… God bless you all
    ps ..Your dad had part in our Easter service and it was special esp since we new he had nearly lost his voice…. your mom served communion and looked lovely as usual… They are special as you are ..as spring breaks forth we feel the resurection… as I ride by … Elissa will be married oct 10th Happy Birthday soon… Paul sends love Barbara special hugs and kisses to Mason

  4. David,

    You have played at Mo Ranch multiple times and the last time (College Connection) A small group of us stayed up while you and a friend of mine played guitar and sang on the cat walk for hours. Honestly, I have never been more moved in my life.

    I am not sure if you have heard of the Mocha Club or if you would be interested in becoming a member of my team, but I didn’t have your e-mail and wasn’t sure how else to ask! Here is the link to my team for you to look at in case you may want to become a part of the team! Let me know! Thanks so much!

    I hope everything is going beautifully for you and your family! God Bless!


  5. Will Nash Says:

    Hey, David–Long time, no news! By now Mason must be closing in on one, right? Hope the 3 of you are all well and enjoying life down under.

    Big news here-we are now a family of 5! Christopher Heath Evans Nash and Michael Finn Evans Nash are 2 weeks old today! Drop me a direct note and I’ll send you a photo or two.

    Much love,


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